Loose Cannon Trackdays Ltd is a family run business and was founded by motorcycle racer Jimmy "the loose cannon" Buchanan. The events are based on what he wanted out of a track day. 

What Jimmy wanted was space and track time, he wanted to enjoy himself, try new lines, try different tyres, setting etc. To achieve this Loose Cannon Trackdays Ltd limit the number of riders in a group to well under each tracks capacity. With less riders there is less traffic and less time consuming incidents. Of course this makes us a little more expensive than other organisers that pack their days but we would rather focus on smaller groups.


Loose Cannon Trackdays Ltd founded by motorcycle racer Jimmy "the loose cannon" Buchanan lent the nickname to the company. This nickname was given to him in his first year of racing with Thundersport GB in the GP1 class and a wild card ride in the 600 Elites. Though this nickname was given to Jimmy by spectators rather than other races so is a little over the top, Jimmy embraced the name. 

The name is in no way a reflection to how our riders act on our events. In fact we are very committed to helping novices and introducing new riders to the sport. Our client base is mainly novice riders and friendly professional racers.